Increasing your activity means increasing your health

Aerobics is a great program to help reverse the aging process. If you participate in 40 minutes of aerobic exercise per day you will greatly improve your health. Aerobic exercise increases your heart rate which improves blood circulation throughout your body and pumps more blood to all your muscles, especially your heart.

Ideally, an aerobic exercise such as fast walking, bike riding, dancing or using using a treadmill should increase your heart rate between 70 to 85 percent its normal rate for at least 20 minutes. Because exercise is so important for overall health at any age, making good habits today will only benefit you in the future.

When beginning a new fitness regimen, you should always start slow and build up the level of intensity. You should build up to a 40 to 45 minute aerobic workout gradually. You'll notice that it won't take much to increase your heart rate. Also, keep in mind that you may have to modify your exercising routine to suit your current fitness level, but don't give up, because before you know it, you'll feel better and look great!

Exercising for your health

In our loose-weight-quickly society, "exercise" has become a bad word, making most of us cringe. For many Americans, exercise is a series of monotonous activities that aren't enjoyable. It's something we do and hate, or avoid completely.

We need to change our mind set. Don't think of exercise as a chore. Try to think of it more in terms of activities you enjoy -- like when you used to "go outside and play".

Healthy lifestyles are about changing destructive habits and building good ones. You can't make exercise a habit if it's doing activities that you hate... So you don't like the treadmill, try taking your dog for walks in the park or on a local hiking trail. If you don't like aerobics, perhaps you'd find swing dancing more to your liking. And if you don't like jogging -- inline skating may be more your speed...

The key is to find an activity you enjoy and make it a habit -- a healthy habit!

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